Alexander MACLEOD (I of Brittle)

Father: Alexander MACLEOD
Mother: Christina MACLEOD

Family 1: Margaret MACDONALD
  1. William MACLEOD
  2. Alexander MACLEOD
  3. Patrick MACLEOD

                                                               _Alexander MACLEOD ___________
                                         _Alexander MACLEOD __|_Marsaline MACNEIL ___________
                      _Norman MACLEOD __|
                     |                  |                      _Kenneth MACKENZIE ___________
                     |                  |_Flora MACKENZIE ____|______________________________
 _Alexander MACLEOD _|
|                    |                                         ______________________________
|                    |                   _Kenneth CAMPBELL ___|______________________________
|                    |_Marion CAMPBELL _|
|                                       |                      _Donald 'Old_Trojan' MACLEOD _
|                                       |_Anne MACLEOD _______|_Margaret MACLEOD ____________
|--Alexander MACLEOD 
|                                                              _Alexander MACLEOD ___________
|                                        _Norman Mor MACLEOD _|_Margaret MACLEOD ____________
|                     _John MACLEOD ____|
|                    |                  |                      ______________________________
|                    |                  |_ ROSS ______________|______________________________
|_Christina MACLEOD _|
                     |                                         ______________________________
                     |                   _____________________|______________________________
                                        |                      ______________________________



!SOURCE: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS -- THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section III, "MacLeod Cadet Families", Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1970, pp. 66, 81. Lived in Brittle in the Minginish district, and was married to a lady, whose name has not come down to us, with issue. He and his family emigrated to North Carolina, but, he returned to Skye, where he died. This MacLeod Family [The MacLeods of Brittle] stemmed from the family of Glendale [See ante The MacLeods of Glendale (First Family)]. Alexander MacLeod, 6th of the family, who married, as his second wife, Christina, daughter of John MacLeod, 4th of the MacLeods of Drynoch, had issue: John, who succeeded his father as 6th of the family of Glendale, Alexander, who was the progenitor of the MacLeod family of Brittle, and Roderick, who was killed at the battle of Falkirk in 1745. Alexander, who was born about 1717, was known to his contemporaries as ALASDAIR MOR BHREATAIL (Big Alexander of Brittle), Brittle in Minginish being the tack, which he held from MacLeod of MacLeod. He married Margaret MacDonald, of whom nothing is known, with issue. He, with some members of his family, emigrated to North Carolina, but when his brother's wife died at Wilmington, North Carolina, he returned to Skye in order to persuade his sisters, Elizabeth and Isabella, to emigrate to look after their brother's motherless children. Family tradition says that Elizabeth and Isabella crossed the Atlantic Ocean and settled in Wilmington, where the three children lived [MacLeod: Our MacLeod Ancestry, pp. 10-12.]. Alexander himself did not return to North Carolina. By his wife, Margaret MacDonald, he had issue. It is not known when Alexander Mor MacLeod of Brittle died. He was succeeded in the representation of the family by his son.

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