Alexander MACLEOD (VI of Glendale)

Father: Norman MACLEOD
Mother: Marion CAMPBELL

Family 1: Christina MACLEOD
  1. John MACLEOD
  2. Alexander MACLEOD
  3. Roderick MACLEOD
  4. Elizabeth MACLEOD
  5. Isabella MACLEOD

                                                                        _Alexander MACLEOD ___
                                         _Alexander MACLEOD ___________|_Margaret MACKINNON __
                    _Alexander MACLEOD _|
                   |                    |                               _Roderick MACNEIL ____
                   |                    |_Marsaline MACNEIL ___________|______________________
 _Norman MACLEOD __|
|                  |                                                    ______________________
|                  |                     _Kenneth MACKENZIE ___________|______________________
|                  |_Flora MACKENZIE ___|
|                                       |                               ______________________
|                                       |______________________________|______________________
|--Alexander MACLEOD 
|                                                                       ______________________
|                                        ______________________________|______________________
|                   _Kenneth CAMPBELL __|
|                  |                    |                               ______________________
|                  |                    |______________________________|______________________
|_Marion CAMPBELL _|
                   |                                                    _John MACLEOD ________
                   |                     _Donald 'Old_Trojan' MACLEOD _|_Isabel MACKENZIE ____
                   |_Anne MACLEOD ______|
                                        |                               _Rev. Donald MACLEOD _
                                        |_Margaret MACLEOD ____________|_Anne MACLEAN ________



!SOURCE: Rev. Dr. Donald MacKinnon and Alick Morrison, THE MACLEODS -- THE GENEALOGY OF A CLAN, Section III, "MacLeod Cadet Families", Edinburgh, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1970, pp. 64, 65-66. Alexander, as a youth, lived in France, where he was in touch with the Stuart family, to whom he was greatly devoted, and by whom he was greatly respected. Having returned to Skye, he took over a tack in the MacLeod 'country', on which he intended to settle for life, but, as an ardent supporter of the Stuarts, he could not refrain from engaging in plots, so common at the time, for their restoration, and was forced to escape to France. After a time he came back to Skye, and was provided by MacLeod of MacLeod with the tack of Ebost, where he died as a very old man. The date of his death is not known. He married, as his first wife, in Paris, a lady of the name of Humberston, without issue, and, as his second wife, probably in Skye, Christina, daughter of John MacLeod, 5th of the MacLeods of Drynoch, with issue. Alexander MacLeod died at Ebost in Bracadale, and was succeeded in the representation of the family of Glendale by his eldest son.

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